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David Finkelstein Sarasota Attorney

An attorney in private practice in Sarasota, Florida

David Finkelstein Sarasota Attorney, has been practicing law in this community for 31 years. He graduated from the prestigious University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, majoring in Business and Accounting in 1978 and from the Law School at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1984.

He obtained his CPA license in 1986. After working several years with the largest law firms in Texas and Florida, Fulbright & Jaworski and Holland & Knight, he opened his own firm, Finkelstein & Associates, Attorneys and CPAs, where he was the President from 1989-2010.

Starting in 2010, he has practiced as an Attorney in the office of David Finkelstein, Attorney-at-Law.

David specializes in most of areas of law that a small business or typical resident of our community find themselves involved in.

He began his career with the unusual combination of trial lawyer/business lawyer and CPA.

He began his career with the unusual combination of trial lawyer/business lawyer and CPA.

Early success with Patents

He has advised clients on general business matters for three decades, and for that same period of time, has helped clients with the negotiation, drafting and reviewing of contracts and other business and legal documents and matters. He not only knows what correct documents and business deals look like; his 31 years of litigation give him insight into what bad contracts and business deals look like.

He has drafted hundreds of Trusts and Wills and Estate Plans for people in our community, and handled a great many probates, as well.

He has incorporated countless LLCs and corporations and has sat as board member and/or officer for dozens of such entities.

And of course, as a former CPA, tax matters, were, and continue to be, a large area of his practice. He has handled dozens of disputes with the IRS and State and local taxing authorities.

It is an unfortunate fact of modern life that divorces involve proving a great many financial issues, and accordingly, as a litigator and former CPA, David has handled divorces for many years.

He is experienced in Bankruptcy filings, as well as counseling clients when bankruptcy is not the best idea, something that does not seem to occur to some clients and practitioners who sometimes seem to advocate Bankruptcy as the only solution for all financially distressed clients.

He handles real estate law and has given lectures to real estate agents on many occasions in the past on many different legal topics affecting the practice of real estate. He is also a licensed realtor.

He handles copyrights and trademarks, with a special emphasis on advising the client, not just how to apply for, but whether an application is the in the first place, and what to do once they have it.

He handles upper-end immigration matters, such as EB-5 and similar immigrant visas, which require that the immigrant invest money in the United States.

Over his 31 years in our community, David has been greatly involved in charitable and community service organizations, serving, at different times, on the Board of Directors of the Manatee Children’s Services, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, The Jewish Federation of Sarasota and Manatee County, The Jewish Children and Family Services, The Manatee Players, The Bradenton Trailer Park (which was owned at the time by the Bradenton Kiwanis Club), several Houses of Worship and other miscellaneous organizations. He has served as Chapter Advisor for B’nai B’rith Youth Organization and is currently a teachers’ assistant in the kindergarten class at the Temple Emanu-El Sunday School.

David is a 32nd degree Mason and he lawyer for the Sahib Shrine Club (and a Noble), a member and Junior Warden of Liberty Lodge No. 412, Free and Accepted Masons, and a member of the Tampa Valley of the Scottish Rite, where he is a 32nd degree Mason and a former Kiwanian.

David raised two children in our community, who have graduated college and gone on to careers in Miami and Washington, D.C.

He enjoys water sports, hiking, reading, socializing, playing with his dog, and is currently studying Spanish.

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