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Have a Lot of Assets? Think Twice Before Filing Bankruptcy

Even if you meet the income requirement, the Bankruptcy Court will take your assets and give them to your creditors, and THEN make the creditors go away. The only exceptions are your homestead, $1,000 worth of personal assets and a thousand dollars of equity in a car, which you can keep. (If you have no homestead, you can keep $4,000 worth of personal assets and $1,000 of equity in a car.)

Are Your Creditors Bothering You? If Not, Think Twice Before Filing Bankruptcy.

You may not want to file bankruptcy to get rid of creditors who are not going to bother you or who are not going to otherwise negatively affect you. If you don’t think they are going to try and get a judgment against you, bankruptcy make not be the best idea, particularly if you have a lot of assets. Even if your creditors are likely to try and get a judgment against you, you still may not want to file bankruptcy if your assets are not easy for a creditor with a judgment to seize.

We’ll Help You Decide Whether Bankruptcy is the Best Tool for You.

There are lots of good bankruptcy attorneys who will help you decide if bankruptcy is the right tool for you. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of bankruptcy attorneys who will just file bankruptcy for you without first making such an analysis. We’re the first kind. And know a lot of other tools besides bankruptcy that might be better suited for your situation.

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Other Reasons to File Bankruptcy

Sometimes a creditor seizes an asset that you need to stay in business and get everyone paid. Sometimes, they won’t take a small concession of time and are “gumming up the works”. Bankruptcy is a good tool for dealing with that type of situation, as well.

You Will Talk to a Lawyer, Not a Secretary or Assistant

Don’t get us wrong. We love secretaries and assistants. But they’re for us to talk to when we give them assignments. They are not for you to talk to. You want to talk to a lawyer. You and deserve that and you’ll get that. Every time.

Your Lawyer Will Be a Former Trial Lawyer

We’re not just “desk jockeys”. If it becomes necessary for us to get aggressive, we know how.

We Also Handle Reorganizations Under Chapter 13 and 11

Reorganizations require a lot of “number crunching”. We have a former CPA on staff to work on these matters.

If You Work All Day, We Can Meet You After Hours

You don’t have to take off from work to meet with us. We’ll meet with you whenever you need to. Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll take good care of you.

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